dirty water will quench fire

dirty water will quench fire
Mainly used to mean that a man’s lust can be satisfied by any woman, however loose or ugly.

1546 J. HEYWOOD Dialogue of Proverbs I. V. B2 As this prouerbe saieth, for quench-yng hot desire, Foul water as soone as fayre, wyl quenche hot fire.

1796 COBBETT Political Censor Sept. 62 That I have made use..of the British Corporal for a good purpose, I have little doubt—Dirty water will quench fire.

1945 O. ONIONS Ragged Robin vi. It’s flocks and straw for us... Well, dirty water’s good enough to quench a fire with.

1995 A. G. TAYLOR Simeon’s Bride xxvi. 173 She had the thick ugly feet of a streetwalker... How could anyone go with her?’ Dewi shrugged. ‘They do say dirty water puts out fire just as well.’

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